Samsung develops technology for a hydropowered cellphone

As if we didn’t have enough problems with conserving water in out little global-warming afflicted planet already, Samsung has developed a new kind of cellphone battery that eats at another part of Mother Nature’s body. It’s called a micro-fuel cell and hydrogen generator, which runs on water to power your cellphone.

Reactions between the metal in your cellphone and water will be triggered once the handset is turned on, producing hydrogen gas which then reacts with the oxygen in the air to produce energy. Oh Yong-soo, the VP of Samsung predicts that this could be available to the market by year 2010. Although it seems that the company is on-track to deliver it sooner, there’s no guarantee how perfectly this would work.


Oh adds that the hydrogen cartridge in this setup would need to be replaced ever 5 days or so, given that a user uses his handset for about 4 hours a day on average. It’s also possible in the future, Oh mentions, that users would simply be able to refill their handset battery with water, killing the need to replace the hydrogen cartridges.

I’m sure Samsung’s intentions are good but to me, this seems silly. It’s hard enough to keep cellphones away from the water (unless they’re specifically designed to be water-proof). But then again it’s not hard to imagine this to be widely-accepted. Probably the only place where technology like this could be banned would be in the desert. What do you think?

Author: David Gonzales

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