iPhone likely to get price cut in France as well

Nothing about the 3G iPhone has really been official yet, even though its got a bucketload of rumors right behind it. The latest development, if you recall, was a price cut for the iPhone in the UK, which could very well mean that stocks have to be cleared in preparation for the second coming of the JesusPhone. Today, we learn that iPhones in France could be getting a price reduction as well, if mobile network operator Orange gets its way and is allowed to offer subsidies on the iPhone for each sale.

This rumor is based on another rumor which puts Apple COO Tim Cook in a meeting in California with Orange executives, to discuss possible price cuts on the iPhone. If this deal ever comes through, Apple and Orange will have to remake their revenue sharing arrangements regarding the iPhone.

iPhone Orange

What’s interesting is that all these price cuts, whether proven to be true or not, all do more than just give away the iPhone’s pending 3G version launch. And Apple’s as tight-lipped as usual, but that doesn’t mean that none of the news can snake its way around towards the Internet. We’ll post more information about this as they become available.

Via: Intomobile

Author: David Gonzales

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