NTT DoCoMo Unveil New Branding

In an effort to express their commitment to offering high-quality mobile services and technologies around the world, the dedicated team at NTT DoCoMo has just revealed their new corporate logo, which they have been working on for the past while.

As stated in a press release published on the NTT DoCoMo website earlier today:

The new logo’s color is red, which symbolizes the company’s energy and dynamism. The logo, along with other branding elements, embodies DoCoMo’s commitment to achieve customer satisfaction by understanding the needs of the customers and building stronger relationships with them, and to maximize the creativity of the company’s workforce and remain a leading innovator in the mobile communications industry.

This is their old logo, in case you are not familiar with the DoCoMo Corporation, and when doing a side by side comparison it is easy to see the major differences that have taken place.

NTT DoCoMo Old Logo

The logo is now bolder and more dynamic, and is really going to help the company to keep their place in the mobile industry.


This was a very smart move on DoCoMo’s part, as they are already one of the world’s leading mobile communications companies and yet are showing that they are still on their toes, keeping up with the trends and ensuring that they are at their very best.

The decision to change the logo was the rest of DoCoMo’s review of its branding and related marketing strategies after having established the Corporate Branding Division in August of last year.

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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