Restructuring of Motorola Mobile Phone Division

Motorola has reorganized its mobile phone business, with the primary goal here being to improve their chances of enticing a CEO to an independent company.

There are numerous changes that have taken place here, including with software teams for the future and multimedia phones.

Both hardware and software teams are going to be working much more closely in the mass-market category of phones, and this new structure that Motorola has created in all its entirety should definitely help products to get to the market faster.

This means improved marketing and sales as a result, which is just what Motorola was aiming for.


Another major change is the streamlining of leadership for various product areas in the organization. There are a few switches being made within the management sector of the company, with Rob Shaddock, now a senior vice president of mobile devices, moving to lead the consumer cell phone area, and John Cipolla heading mid to high-level phones.

We will definitely keep you up to date on any further news on this matter in the future.

Via: Chicago Tribune, All Headline News

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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