Sony Ericsson K660 and W580 dished out in new colors

Sony Ericsson’s sneaking two new colors for two of its mid-market handsets, the W580 and the K660. If you recall, the Sony Ericsson K660 was released a while back with a touch of magenta on its navigational pad section. And now SE is rolling it out with two new paint jobs, one being Cyan on Black while the other is Silver on Black. This will definitely reinforce the status of the handset as one “for the kids” and of course one can expect that these newly-colored handsets will have the same specs as the old one as this is purely an external makeover.

Sony Ericsson K660

The Sony Ericsson W580, meanwhile, is also getting an additional color for its range, which is Velvet Red, a bright variant of the plain color red. Like the K660, nothing will change with the features and specs of the W580 so old-users who decide on taking the new models at face value will definitely feel at home.

Sony Ericsson W580

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    i didnt like the phone. but i think the price is very cheap