Unidentified HTC device comes afloat

As May 6th, the tentative launch date of HTC’s Android-powered Dream device looms, the rumors are coming in at a faster than usual rate, as expected. And while we’re waiting for any official announcements from HTC itself, things like this find time to snake around in the Interwebs, causing HTC fans, users, and haters confusion. OK, not really, but this photo offers an as of yet unidentified HTC device that might be another formidable smartphone to watch out for. And it’s got a cool, minimalistic design, too.

We do know that the devices on the top row are all official HTC devices, and their names are as follows: HTC TyTN II (the first two), HTC Touch Cruise, and the HTC Touch.

HTC devices lined up side-by-side

But what’s bugging us is the ones on the bottom row, of which three seem to be the same device with two showing different interfaces and another showing a slid-out QWERTY keyboard on it. Could this be a picture of the HTC Dream?

Via: Intomobile

Author: David Gonzales

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  • bazza

    do I get royalties for the copy and paste? ;) …. Even got the error.

  • Staska

    @ bazza

    ? What are you talking about?

  • Michael

    I think it is windows mobile.

    One is showing Manlia theme and the other is a windows mobile diapad.

    May be it is the so called HTC Raphael

  • David

    I think he’s referring to the description I made. @bazza To be fair I noticed that you made the same observations and stated so in IM’s forums but to be perfectly honest with you I came up with the same conclusion as you myself. I’ll continue to look into this rumor to clear things up, if that’s any consolation.

  • bazza

    oh nothing obviously :)

    I’m flattered anyway, its nice i could contribute a little.