Disposable Cell Phone Takes on European Market

Hop-on Inc. recently announced that its low end GSM cell phone would be released on the European market.

After receiving over 150,000 orders for their disposable cell phone which was released only a few weeks ago, they will be hiring additional support to meet market demands as a result.

As Peter Michaels, President of Hop-on stated:

This is our biggest opportunity to actually have Hop-on become a household name in the US and throughout Europe. No one sells a new 10 pounds Sterling GSM cell phone. This is a home run for Hop-on. While we are excited about the interest generated in the European markets, we don’t currently have the resources to market our new disposable cell phone in the United States. This will come in time. We want to focus on the European and Middle East markets and then hire the personnel necessary to do it right in America.

Hop-on Disposable Cell Phone

We already know that Hop-on’s disposable cell phone is going to do well in the European market but it will be interesting to see just how well it does.

Via: Softpedia

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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