iPhone might be coming to Italy soon with 3G and a whole lot more

As early as last year, we have been hearing rumors about the possibility of the world’s first 3G iPhone hitting Italy. We found out from those earlier reports that Vodafone might be the possible carrier of 3G iPhones in Italy, and that these new variants of the would be coming this year’s spring. But the rumors still continue up to now, and the latest development has us looking at Italy again, this time for the likeliness of a 3G iPhone that’s exclusivity-free and without a contract for revenue sharing with Apple. Could this be the true picture of iPhone 2.0?

We do know that an iPhone with support for UMTS is definitely coming, but the question is when, where, and how much? La Repubblica from Italy writes that the time for such a device is nigh, naming Telecom Italia as the exclusive carrier for a summer 2008 launch. This could be feasible basing on earlier reports, but what’s more interesting is that the 3G iPhone might be available without revenue sharing from Apple itself and free of carrier contracts. Supposedly, the Telecom Italia carrier contract that the iPhone will be initially launching with won’t be staying for long. Or at least that’s what they’re telling us.

3g iphone

This is definitely great news especially for the European Mac faithful, but we have to keep in mind that most of these rumors have an equal chance of becoming true and false. We can only hope that this new one doesn’t add to the list of unconfirmed iPhone rumors, and that Apple sees an official launch (or at least an announcement) to us very soon.

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