Sony Ericsson beibei pics leaked

While details aren’t exactly forthcoming about this new Sony Ericsson device codenamed “beibei,” there are a few small tidbits that, as always, accompany unofficial leaks like these. From the looks of the pictures available, our friends over at the Chinese site Yesky have spent some quality time with it. Unlike the Paris we reported on some time ago, the pictures look really good and give us some eye candy to hold us until the official announcement.

Beibei sports the new Symbian 9.3 OS with the UIQ 3.3 interface, which would mean that the device will be able to respond faster thanks to Demand Paging support; the choice of OS isn’t exactly unexpected now that Sony Ericsson co-owns Symbian UIQ and we can expect to see more devices make an appearance in the future running on it.

Billed as a Walkman phone, this candybar sports a pretty smallish screen for a touchscreen phone but the gaudy UIQ 3.3 user interface might as well make up for that. One more intriguing factor that we notice is the abundance of buttons, which is usually not the case with most other touchscreen phones.

Let’s hope SE will have mercy on us and release some official info on this but meanwhile take a look at some more pictures of the oddly named beibei.

Via GSM Arena

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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