HTC Diamond and HTC Raphael

We posted some rumors about HTC Diamond before, and now it seems there’s finally some more reliable information on this new Windows Mobile device as well as HTC Raphael.

Diamond is apparently a codename for the replacement of HTC Touch; like it’s predecessor, it doesn’t have a keyboard and relies on it’s touchscreen for user input.

Raphael, in the meantime, is an upgrade from Mogul (PPC-6800), and features a full QWERTY keyboard.

According to Engadget, Raphael will be up for sale in September, with Diamond following a month later. Both devices will have WiFi, 3 MPx cameras and even VGA resolution displays. Here is a rather blurry photo of what according to Engadget writers is HTC Raphael:

HTC Raphael

PDAfans have just a bit more info about Diamond’s hardware specs: it will run on Qualcomm’s 528 MHz CPU, have 128 MB RAM and that sexy 480×640 2,8″ screen, as well as 4 gigabyte HDD for storage – they claim, in fact, that HTC Diamond is pretty much the same like the T-Mobile’s new MDA Compact IV. Here’s a photo of it from Engadget during CeBIT 2008:

MDA Compact IV

It seems these will be bound to the network of Sprint, and based on CDMA standard that this mobile phone operator uses, but people at Engadget seem sure GSM versions will be available as well.

Via: Engadget

Author: Andrius

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