Nokia announces new Web Run-Time for S60

Nokia announced a new Web Run-Time for the S60 smartphone platform today. The new version will offer more capabilities for the developers in creating widgets (small applications based on Web standards, such as HTML, CSS, Java, and even AJAX).

S60 Web Run-Time now comes together with Platform Services that let the widgets access the phone’s applications, such as GPS, Calendar, Contacts, and various content like audio, video and images via JavaScript APIs.

Basically, this will allow development of more sophisticated and personalized widgets, making use both of web connection and the phone’s features. A good example that was posted on today describes a widget which uses the device’s GPS to determine your location and then provides live weather forecast pulled from the web.

The company expects that this move will result in a larger application offering for the users, now that anyone with Web developing experience will be able to create a simple mobile application in days. Matti Vänskä, Vice President of Mobile Software Sales and Marketing in Nokia even made a bold statement that it “has the potential to change the economics of mobile software development.”

Developers should also find interesting the announcement about the Open C++ support in form of Standard Template Library as well as some other C++ libraries coming to S60 platform.


Author: Andrius

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