Samsung Anycall CC03, small and simple as candy bars can get

If you’re tired of all the hype that manufacturer are trying to put into their newest cellphone models nowadays, I’m sure you’ll appreciate Samsung’s new Anycall CC303, a simplistic candy bar type handset offering pretty much nothing more than the basic features of a phone. And when I say basic, I mean back to the grass roots, small screened, numeric keypad equipped and not even tri-band kind of basic. And it’s only $65, but heck, a lot of people will surely pay for something so simple as this, given all the buzz in high technology today.

Samsung CC03

The Samsung Anycall CC303 is small (4.07 x 1.73 x 0.58 inches), but at 14.9mm it’s hard to call it a wafer-thin handset. It comes with a simple and easy to navigate keypad which offers large enough keys. It has a dual band GSM antenna, CSTN display, speakerphone and SMS functionality plus a 750 mAh Li-Ion battery that will give you up to 2.8 hours on a call, give or take.

This new handset is already available in Hong Kong right now, like the Anycall J708], but there is no word on local availability just yet. Too bad, this would have been a nice back up phone during this year’s summer.

Author: David Gonzales

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