Samsung launches Anycall J708

We’ve already had quite a few handset announcements earlier this week (Nokia 5220 and Nokia 5230 XpressMusic, Sony Ericsson G502, LG KF700) and Samsung wants to get in on the “new model” bandwagon by doing an Asian launch of the Samsung Anycall J708. It’s a new low-end slider handset that makes up for its lack of great features with a sleek and shiny design. And did I mention that it’s sexy? I think it’s actually one of Samsung’s prettier handsets – if only it was given a pretty feature set too.

Anycall J708

But the Samsung Anycall J708 doesn’t really disappoint. In fact, it has features that most would consider middle of the road nowadays, so a lot of people may still find this new cellphone attractive.

It’s features include a 1.3 MP cam, Bluetooth A2DP, built-in music player and expandable memory up to 2 GB. So in essence, with the Anycall J708, you get what you pay for. It’s low on features, but don’t forget that it’s low on price too. And last I checked, that’s a good thing.

Samsung via Wild About Gadgets

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