Google launches mobile image ads

Alexandra Kenin, the Google’s Product Marketing Manager for Mobile Ads has announced the launch of mobile image ads.

You probably already know that mobile ads (the ones appearing above the Google search results) for AdWords advertisers have already been available since the end of 2006, and that AdSense publishers got the ability to display ads on their mobile web pages last year. Up till now, however, only text ads were available for mobile advertisers.

With the launch of mobile image ads, advertisers should find them to be great branding tools.

Find out more in this Youtube video where Alexandra interviews software engineer Sanjay Agarwal and he shows us a demo of how the new ads actually look on the phone screen:

Like it usually is with their contextual ads, Google seem to care about user experience and try to make them fit on the page well. They will be limiting the file size of the image ads to 2 Kb (3 Kb for the largest 305 x 64 format) and even adding an [Ad] indication to show the surfers that it’s actually an advertisement. Plus, the ad target URL will be shown (so you know what domain the ad will take you to), and there’s a limit of one ad per page for the AdSense mobile publishers.

Here’s an example of such ad as shown in the AdWords support page:

Mobile Image Ad

These ads will only be available to advertisers targeting a limited list of countries; logically, they’re the ones with the largest mobile internet penetration.

Via: Google Mobile Blog

Author: Andrius

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