More Nokia E71 spy pics and unofficial Nokia E66 specs

The as of yet unannounced Nokia E71 business handset has been leaked once again via spy shots across the Internet, this time with another upcoming E-series handset which could be the fabled Nokia E66. So now we have two “unofficial” E-series Nokia’s that look set to change how business-minded phones should look like and be capable of.

The Nokia E77 was first leaked earlier this year, with a lone spy shot with a small list of reasonable specs: 3.5G HSDPA connectivity, 3.2 megapixel main camera, built-in GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Nokia E71

And now we have additional details about this new phone, specifically about its form and the camera module that it sports. The Nokia E71, if the rumors hold true, will have an autofocus lens with the LED-flash complemented camera on its back. It will stand at 11mm thick, which is slightly thinner than the E61i, but equally usable, I’m sure. A microSD card slot, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, and HSDPA, of course, are all in the details.

Nokia E66

Along with these spy shots of the Nokia E77, we also found another handset entirely, and judging from its size, it looks like another QWERTY-keyboard equipped Nokia business phone. The placement of the camera is different and the back cover has a shiny finish to it, differentiating it from the Nokia E71 or E61i.

Rumors hail this phone as the Nokia E66, which ought to have about the same specs as the E71 (mentioned above – 3.2 megapixel cam with autofocus, GPS, Wi-Fi and HSDPA connectivity, expandable memory), but of course, this is still unofficial.

We’ll keep more details about the Nokia E71 and Nokia E66 coming as they become available.

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