Nokia Teams Up With Spike Lee

A well known leader in the mobile world, Nokia, has decided to team up with renowned film director Spike Lee to “direct a short film comprising YouTube-style videos created by teenagers and adults using their mobile phone”, reports the New York Times.

Nokia’s aim here is to market their phones as a tool in creating theatrical films, and who better to team up with than Spike Lee?

The site is, and here you will be able to upload video, music, text and photos. Once you have contributed, Spike Lee and the assistant directors working with him on this project will go through them and combine them with their own material to create something new.

This is a great opportunity for everyone involved, and although Nokia claims that it is not a marketing gimmick, but as MocoNews noted and we agree:

Mr. Lee corrected himself twice, remembering that he was supposed to call the cellphone a “mobile device”. That’s not part of Nokia’s marketing?

Via: Beet.TV

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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