T-Mobile USA’s Android powered device to arrive by year’s end

Good news for T-Mobile users, open-source advocates, and Google-natics (if there’s even such a thing). Joe Sims, VP and General Manager of T-Mobile’s Broadband and New Business Division has confirmed that their company’s very first Android-powered device will be shipping out by the last quarter of this year, and that there will be more Android-powered devices to come shortly afterwards. Apparently, their earlier skepticism was killed once they witnessed what Google’s open-source project was capable of accomplishing.

They didn’t announce what particular handset they’ll release with Android, though, but it could easily be the HTC Dream, which for a still unreleased handset has been talked about quite frequently.


T-Mobile’s official word on the topic, coming from Joe, is this:

“I’m impressed,” he said. “We will have more than one product…(The move to an open platform) will be innovation across the board, not just one device.”

So at early a time as now, there is already someone interested in taking advantage of Google’s open-source initiative. Which is nice, of course, because it means more competition for all the proprietary and closed systems being implemented by Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and Apple, etc. for their mobile phones.

If you’ve ever seen Android in action, you would no doubt know how T-Mobile must’ve felt. So let’s wait to see just what this new partnership would be able to conjure. The future of mobile phones? Not impossible.

Read the story at CNN Money

Author: David Gonzales

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