More Motorola handset leaks: Moto W388, Moto W396 and Moto VA76r

It’s amazing how bad one company can make you feel about its products. First, they almost throw away their mobile phone divison out of desperation. Thankfully, they made the wiser decision and just restructured the business to make the software department work more closely with the hardware department. But they went at it again by revealing that their forthcoming phones are nothing out of the ordinary, except maybe for the 5 megapixel Zine ZN5 and the Symbian-powered Zine ZN12. And what do we have here today? Why, more depressing news of course.

Instead of working harder and churning out new phones that will best its predecessors, Moto seems happy enough to just toss old designs and mix the colors on their handsets. And now we have two more low-end models to throw into the mix. The Motorola W388 and Motorola W396.


First, the good. The Motorola W388 and Motorola W396 will add two new handsets to Motorola’s lineup, although I’m not sure how that would affect their handset sales. Better phones have been released before these two, features-wise, and even those obviously weren’t enough to uplift the company. So how can these two be any better? OK, before I get ahead of myself, here are the facts.

The Motorola W388, according to Motorola’s web site, will be a super low-end handset, sporting a 128×128 pixel resolution screen, support for the English language, Java, GPRS connectivity, and, um, nothing else, actually. Oh, it’ll have one of the most advanced VGA cameras out on the market today… because nobody else makes VGA camera phones anymore! And that makes them champion. Expect this phone to appear at various flea markets and bargain bins soon.

The Motorola W396, meanwhile, has about the same specs as the former, and the only difference between the two may probably be in their form factor. Of course, we have no way to verify this as of now, but you can be sure that one of these would be a clamshell-type phone, because that’s Motorola’s favorite handset form factor, after all.

The excitement continues with a third unconfirmed Motorola handset, which their web site refers to as the VA76r. I’ve been told that this thing could be a new model of a modem, but what use would a 240×320 pixel resolution screen, Freescale-ArgonLV processor, Montavista Linux 2.6.10 OS and a 2 megapixel camera be on a modem? Because aside from the Symphony Web browser, POP3, SMTP, and IMAP4 email, and HSDPA network connectivity, those are the things that Moto’s upcoming VA76r will have. So it actually rhymes with the Motorola ZN5 regarding features, except for the fact that it will only have a 2 MP camera.

Further evidence can be found on Motorola’s web site. And all I can say is that these three handsets look like ho-hum models to me. How much were they willing to sell the company again?

Motorola W388
Motorola W396
Motorola VA76r

Author: David Gonzales

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  • Cesar Cardoso

    If VA76r’s RDF is right, it’s the first 3G MotoLinux. It’s enough to be a geek object of lust 😛

  • David Gonzales

    Yeah, you’re right. There’s also another one coming out with Linux under the hood from Motorola soon, and it’s from the Zine lineup. Watch out for that too.