Philips throws China a phone with SRS WOW technology

How come China gets all the remarkable cellphones? The latest to wow the crowd from that part of the planet is the Philips M600, a candy bar shaped mobile phone that looks more musical than Miss Saigon. It features a very prominent music player key on top of the navigation pad, and three equally expressed music hot keys on the side. Finally, Philips seems to have gotten what it means to produce a handset that people will love.

The Philips M600, other than being a dual-band GSM phone, will sport a 3.5 mm headphone jack and support multiple Bluetooth profiles such as A2DP, Handsfree, Headset, and Object Push. Just as you would expect of a handset that’s promoted as music-centric, eh?

Philips M600

But what’s really special about this phone is that it will feature SRS WOW Technology, which according to its makers, “improves the dynamic audio performance of compressed audio, expands the size of the audio image and improves the perception of low frequency sound.” Now I’m not sure it would mean much for a non-audiophile like myself, but I’m willing to bet that they put the word WOW in there for a good reason, no matter how elusive.

Battery life is also billed at 40 hours per charge, which is praise-worthy, but I say let’s wait until we get some hands-on testing on the thing.

It’s got a 1.3 megapixel camera, an expandable MicroSD card slot and USB 1.1 connectivity. I don’t think Philips could’ve said the word low-end in a better way. It might not be certain when this phone will be sold outside of China, but it’s a distinct possibility. When it finally does, it might even sell like hotcakes – or not, and maybe a pirated version could hit your local retail store. You never know.


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  • stuartfang

    why dont u change the word “throw”

  • stuartfang

    why dont u change the word “throw”