Preview: Motorola A810

We have brought you all the recent information on Motorola mobiles including the W755 and the ZN5, and now we bring you details on the Motorola A810.

Although the phone has not yet been publicly announced by Motorola, we know that the A810 will be a touchscreen smartphone that is aimed at European and Asian markets, as revealed by documents filed at the FCC.

There are a few specs that we can see from the released photos of the phone, including FM radio, microSD slot, and a 2 megapixel camera, most likely without flash and autofocus.

Overall the A810 is very simple which is nice, especially with how cluttered some of the recently released smartphones have been.

There are still certain drawbacks to this phone however, such as the fact that it does not support Wi-Fi and that it lacks GPS, so perhaps it is a little too simple.

Motorola A810

The A810 may seem pretty basic but it will definitely be interesting to check it out when we have the opportunity to look at it for ourselves.

We will definitely keep you updated on this and let you know when more specs are made available.

Via: Mobile Gazette

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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