Blackberry 9000 Rumors

So we do not really have a great idea at this point as to what is going on with the Blackberry 9000 but we do know one thing – that its release has been delayed.

Fortune tells us that there are a few different possibilities that could be the reason for this delay.

They report that the delay is either due to AT&T concerns over phone quality, AT&T concerns over launching a new 3G Blackberry, or something else entirely. Everyone seems to have a different idea about what is going on and it will be nice to finally put all these rumors to rest and just get to the bottom of it.

As stated on Fortune earlier today:

The delay of the new Blackberry comes at a particularly sensitive time for RIM. As product cycles and phone fashions go, the current crop of Blackberries – the Curve, the Pearl, etc. – are due for a refresh as demand slows. Among the big things expected from RIM was the first 3G version of Blackberry, being called Meteor or the 8900.

Blackberry 9000

The release of the phone has now been pushed to as late as August according to this source, which is a few months after its planned launch.

We are still not clear on the exact reason for the delay, but will definitely keep on top of this story and keep you updated with any news on this matter.

Via: Engadget

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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