Accessing your iTunes via iPhone?

An anonymous tipster sent some information about the latest iPhone firmware to the people at TUAW blog. According to Mr. Anonymous, the firmware contains some code for a new iPhone application that Apple themselves are working on – an app with a catchy name iControl.

This is, of course, just a rumor, but a pretty interesting one, especially considering the earlier talk about Apple releasing a few native apps for the iPhone of their own.

Here is a screenshot of an XML file containing the text for supposed localization of iControl:

iControl XML strings

This new application is supposed to let the iPhone user connect to his local iTunes libraries via WiFi and browse and play back music or videos on your phone; at least that’s what the tipster said. Personally, I think it would make more sense if this new app were more like a remote control for the iTunes on your Mac, or even other Apple products like the Apple TV. The big screen of the iPhone would certainly make it a great remote control, with the ability to preview the media.

Of course, there already are a number of applications that let you control iTunes by using your iPhone – such as the Remote Buddy – but it’s likely that an app from Apple would be free and perhaps have more functions.


Author: Andrius

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