Nokia 3600 Slide putting fashionable techies at ease

Nokia is no stranger to funky mobile phone designs, so I guess it shouldn’t surprise us to know that they’re trying alternative materials for the construction of their latest handsets as well.

The Nokia 3600 Slide, other than being made of a glossy outer casing with gradated colors, will also be covered with soft ceramic paint and metal. Could this be a new fashion icon in the making?

And let’s not forget, Nokia also makes some of the best mobile phones in the world. So what else other than good looks does the Nokia 3600 Slide bring to the table? I’d say a few great features.

3600 Slide3600 Slide

The Nokia 3600 might seem unimpressive at first, but it packs some great tech under its skin. Its inbuilt camera is 3.2 megapixels strong, and is complemented by a dual-LED flash for those “dark room” camera moments. You can connect it to a larger display with its TV out feature, or connect it to the Web with 3G connectivity. Expandable memory up to 4GB is also supported, so you can squeeze in all the multimedia files you want.

It might not come with a built-in GPS module but Nokia encourages you to try out the optional Nokia Bluetooth GPS Module LD-4W for fun. They say it works great with the Nokia Maps app, though you’re free to believe this is just a lame marketing stunt, if you so desire.

I’m getting the whole “fashion and function” virtue of the Nokia 3600 Slide but what I don’t get is why this phone gets to be sold at a cheaper price than the also recently announced Nokia 6600 Fold, which at a glance doesn’t seem like much compared to this. Oh well, it’s their business. Expect it arrive Q3 2008 for 175 EUR or about $273 USD. That’s before taxes and subsidies, by the way.

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