Nokia intros affordable new folding beauty, Nokia 6600 Fold

Nokia might not be the maker of the world’s most beautiful phones, but at least it tries. Evidence of this can be found in one of its newest handsets, the Nokia 6600 Fold. With this little device, Nokia shows us that you don’t need a big body to show off big features, and that to be a great clamshell phone, you don’t have to look like the RAZR.

By naming this phone with an old model name (6600), it appears that Nokia may have finally run out of numbers to designate to its new mobiles. However that doesn’t necessarily mean that Nokia’s running out on great tech in their cellphones, because the Nokia 6600 Fold is as sophisticated inside as it is elegant outside.

6600 Fold

First in the list of features to watch out for is a “hidden” external display that can be activated with a touch of a finger. A double tap activates it so it can display relevant information about your phone like the time, new messages, missed calls (if any) and more. Silencing incoming calls (or rejecting them altogether) and snoozing alarms can also be done with a double tap. It’s an innovative new feature that would be useful to all mobile phone users.

Other than that, the Nokia 6600 Fold also has a 2 megapixel camera that’s helped with a dual LED flash for candid camera moments. And you can later on view your snapped photos on the phone’s main 2.13-inch OLED screen, which shows up to 16 million colors for better viewing.

The Nokia 6600 Fold is definitely a stylish phone that doesn’t compromise on quality. It’s got 3G and will sell for about 275 EUR excluding taxes and subsidies by this year’s third quarter. What else would you need?

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