3G iPhone confirmed to be cheaper, thinner, and more powerful?

Rumor has it (as usual with Apple’s iPhone) that the 3G iPhone will be outed on June 27, 2008, on the first year anniversary of its introduction to the mobile phone market. And not only is it going to come with the much-awaited support for 3G networks, but it will purportedly also have an inbuilt GPS chip to further aid its navigation prowess, and will be a tad thinner than the original at only 9.2 mm. Haven’t we had enough of all the 3G iPhone rumors yet?

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The answer to that question is a resounding no, apparently. And if the latest rumors as detailed by a report from Fortune hold true, then we might be seeing a 3G iPhone in June, after all.

Also according to Fortune’s report, the 3G iPhone will be a lot less expensive than the original, to be made available with a contract from AT&T for as low as $199. The reason for this being that AT&T will subsidize $200 of the cost of a new iPhone, therefore bringing the selling price down. Which seems like a good strategy for AT&T at first, mainly because it is.

Can you imagine, an 8GB 3G iPhone for as low as $199? That means more hackable and smuggle-able handsets for the rest of the world who don’t want/ need at contract with AT&T. Now more people can have a chance to be an early adopter. Be quiet and don’t let the news spread so fast though, unless you’ve already secured your place in line at your local Apple store. And no, I won’t save you a place.

Read: Fortune

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