Leaked: Photos of the still unannounced Nokia 6025

There was a time when mobile phone makers could just calmly sit back after a hard day’s work, not worrying that a random stranger might introduce their newest and top secret products to the curious public. Sadly for them, that time is over. For now we have another round of those old “Leaked!” story headlines, and this time it’s a Nokia, which is not surprising at all.

In this story, it was a Howard Forums user who was calm and collected as he introduced some product shots of a still unannounced handset, the Nokia 6025 to other users. According to him, it will be released by June, with an exclusive contract with Verizon.

Nokia 6025

Since this appears to be a carrier-inclined handset, something which all of well-known Nokia’s have never been, it’s hard to say that this phone will pack great features. And it won’t.

The leaked photos come with a few leaked specs as well, or at least a few things that could easily be guessed by looking closely at the leaked photos, like: flash equipped VGA camera, external display on the outer flap with external music controls, 65,000-color screen, and S40 UI.

So as you can see, the Nokia 6025 won’t really be something to phone home about. But it could still work for the budget conscious though, because low-end featured do mean a low-end price, at least most of the time. And there’s at least one good thing coming out from this rumor – it’s also going to come out in black. Black is the new black, right?

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