Cheap 3X optical zoom without moving parts

Tessera, a producer of miniaturization technologies, has announced in an online press release about their new optical zoom solution. This innovation is called OptiML Zoom and can provide 3X optical zoom in a small, compact camera – ideally fitting for a modern, thin and slim cameraphone. Did I mention that there actually are no moving parts in it?

Tessera’s OptiML Zoom is the industry’s first non-mechanical, optical zoom. Personally, I always found digital zoom in cameras pretty much useless; it degrades the quality of the picture too much. Your regular optical zoom, however, is too hard to implement if the company wants to keep their phone slim.

This new technology is both more compact than optical zoom and provides a better image quality than any digital one. What’s more, it looks like it’s also cheaper than the usual mechanical zoom. According to the press release, this thing works by increasing the resolution at the center of the image without making the field of view more narrow.

Conventional camera module and OptiML WLC compared by size:


What enabled the company to do this is their wafer-level camera (WLC) technology, which won Tessera an EDN Innovation Award in 2007. You can see how it works and the explanation of the production process on the official product page.

Via: Tessera

Author: Andrius

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