SlingPlayer Mobile updated for Windows Mobile and Symbian

Sling Media has just made the updates for SlingPlayer Mobile available at their web site for those running the Windows Mobile for Pocket PC and Smartphone OS, as well as for the Symbian OS. No detailed description containing the changes made by the update have been made available yet, but expect it to have minor improvements over the old version.

Now SlingPlayer for Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone are on version 1.6, while SlingPlayer for Symbian is now rocking version 1.1. However, the SlingPlayer for Palm has not received any updates as of this time’s writing, and there is no word on when (or if it will ever come) it will come for Palm.

SlingPlayer Mobile

The updated software also adds support for a few new devices, which are the Nokia N95 8GB, Treo 500v, and the Samsung i760.

The updated software will be free to download as long as you are already a certified subscriber of the service. But if you want to sign up for a new account with Sling, then you’re going to have to pay a grand total of $30 per handset for it. Which is not too shabby if you’re the type who just can’t live without having TV to go. Having a Slingbox set up at home is also a requirement, unless you want to watch make-believe TV on your mobile.

The updated software clients are now available for download here. And of course, if all else fails, there’s Youtube.

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