WHERE for Nseries smartphones

uLocate Communications, a developer of location-based services, has announced that WHERE – a package of smart, location-enabled widgets – is now available for Nokia’s Nseries phones with built-in GPS (N95 8GB, N95 and N82).

Interestingly enough, WHERE is also available for Nokia N81, but because of the lack of GPS, you will have to report your location manually, should you wish to use the widgets.

Speaking of widgets, there are plenty of those in WHERE: you can find weather reports, best restaurants around you, and even step-by-step directions of how to get there from your location. What’s especially cool is the fact that you can comment on the locations (with some widgets, anyway) and share the notes with other users. This way you can, for example, give a “thumbs up” to your favorite dining place and make suggestions on what to order.

The wireless application of WERE itself costs $2.99, while the widgets are free and unlimited. There are only 15 of them as I’m writing this post, but more should be available pretty soon. Here’s how you install new widgets from the website to your phone with WHERE:


One of the coolest things about WHERE is the BuddyBeacon, an integrated wireless application that lets you connect and share your location automatically (this setting is optional, of course) with your friends.

This was made available by the new S60 Web Run-Time which we wrote about a week ago that allows the creation of context-aware widgets by letting them access phone’s hardware features like the built-in GPS.

Via: uLocate

Author: Andrius

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