Adsense for Mobile integrated with DoubleClick Mobile

Just a week ago we wrote about Google’s new product – mobile image ads – which allows displaying image banners instead of the company’s usual AdSense for Mobile text ads on mobile web pages.

Now the official Google Mobile blog announces the integration between this new product and DoubleClick Mobile. What this means for publishers basically is that those showing AdSense for mobile image ads on their site will get ads from DoubleClick mobile network as well, resulting in more relevant advertisements and higher revenue. DoubleClick mobile advertisers should benefit as well, now being able to reach a wider audience.

What’s more, the integration works both ways, as the Google’s press release explains. Now the publishers of DoubleClick Mobile will be able to display advertisements from ad networks (such as AdSense) as well. This is news because DoubleClick Mobile platform allowed publishers to sell ad space on their websites only directly before; now they can opt-in to show ads from AdSense for mobile, and some other networks mentioned in the press release too.

After Google’s acquisition of DoubleClick, a controversial move that set off a year-long anti-trust investigation in EU before finally getting approved, this is the first real integration between the two products.

Via: Google Mobile Blog

Author: Andrius

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