AT&T Mobile TV Service Launches Sunday

There have been several recent AT&T announcements, including the Cingular/AT&T BlackJack 2 from Samsung and the Nokia 6555 AT&T, and now there is breaking news on the launch of the AT&T Mobile TV service.

Starting this Sunday, May 4th, AT&T will begin selling two handsets to compliment its Mobile TV with FLO service. The service will first be solely available to the LG Vu and Samsung Access, but additional models are sure to follow in the near future.

AT&T Mobile TV

This programming will include television shows such as CSI and How I Met Your Mother, The Daily Show, and The Colbert Report, just to name a few.

Rate packages will be as follows:

Monthly access packages for AT&T Mobile TV will begin at $15 a month for the Basic package, which includes unlimited access to Mobile TV, as well as access to the exclusive CNCRT channel for a limited time. AT&T also offers a Mobile TV Plus package for $30 a month, which includes unlimited Mobile TV, unlimited mobile Web browsing on Media Net and unlimited CV mobile video. Customers can also subscribe to a limited basic package for $13 a month, which gives them access to four channels: CBS Mobile, FOX Mobile, NBC 2Go and NBC News 2Go.

The service will launch in 58 markets including Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Seattle. There will even be parental control features offered, to restrict access to content that would be inappropriate for younger viewers.

To learn the full details on this programming service, you can visit the AT&T Mobile TV site.

Via: CrunchGear

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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