BlackBerry Curve also coming to Verizon in May

We already know that the Samsung U940, better known as the Samsung Glyde, will be coming to Verizon in May. We haven’t been able to confirm exactly when though, but the latest leak informs us of the possible official release date – May 9. Why? Because that’s when the BlackBerry Curve 8830 will be released through Verizon as well.

I know, these two devices have completely nothing to do with each other, but still, since they’re both smartphones, and they’re both launching in May, Verizon might as well just launch them on the same day, right? Whether you agree or not is your choice, but we’re feeling this rumor has a little ring of truth to it.

Verizon BlackBerry Curve

Actually, this rumor springs from Engadget Mobile’s sources, who say that the BlackBerry Curve 8830 will be released first to Verizon’s B2B, web, and telesales channels on May 9th, while “all channels” should start getting it by May 12th.

Pricing for this baby starts from $319.99 plus $50 rebate on a two-year contract, to $439.99 without a contract, by itself. But you know rumors, all kinds appear to us everyday. Your best bet would still be to wait until you see the darned thing itself, in the flesh, and available in local stores. Don’t worry, though. We’ll be here when it finally arrives.

Author: David Gonzales

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