Google on iPhone now available in 33 new markets, 16 new languages

Oh, gosh darn it. Why didn’t they roll this out sooner? Well, I guess I shouldn’t fret because it’s already here anyway. What am I talking about? Just a little something called Google Mobile for the iPhone, which has been optimized by Google again, and is now available in 33 new markets and 16 new languages. That’s right, Japan. Domo arigato gozaimasu!

And it’s not just for the iPhone. iPod Touch users also get in on the new Google experience with their Wi-Fi enabled “internet devices,” being able to access a few nifty new features from Google, the ever-improving web search pioneer that seems only to best itself.

Google on iPhone

A few of the new Google mobile for iPhone and iPod Touch benefits include:

  • Fast and fluid search with one-tap access to News, image, local, or web results and search query suggestions when you start typing
  • Automatic delivery of Gmail messages (no need to refresh your browser!), and auto-completion of email addresses when typing
  • A combined month-and-current-day view of your always-in-sync Google Calendar, and the ability to share pictures with friends and family using Picasa Web Albums

Google News also gets an upgrade for iPhone and iPod Touch users, now offering access to stories from the front page or the ability to search for results straight from the home page. The best part about it is that users don’t need to memorize a long and cranky URL or download any kind of application. You just need to go directly to and you’re all set. I tried it out a while ago on my iPod Touch and it rocks.

Go ahead and do it yourself. Or read more about it in the Official Google Mobile Blog.

Author: David Gonzales

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