Nokia N95 really coming to Rogers Canada, actually 8GB version

OK, so we were wrong. Remember how we told you a few days ago that Nokia’s former flagship handset, the Nokia N95, was coming to Canada courtesy of Rogers Wireless? That news is still true, but we’re reporting about it again today with a little correction.

The Nokia N95 will indeed be coming to Rogers Wireless some time this year, but according to a recent press release, it will actually be coming in as the 8GB version, and not the plain vanilla one as we first reported. What? Sorry, we’re only human.

Nokia N95 8GB Rogers Wireless

Anyway, that’s what she the press release said. The Nokia N95 will be coming to Rogers Wireless in Canada. What version? The 8GB version. And when? May 6th, 2008. For how much? $399.99 (with a three-year activation on the Rogers Vision Unlimited On-Device Mobile Browsing
Plan) or for an undisclosed price through Rogers Wireless dealers or their official web site –

No, they’re not adding anything special to the features. That’s not stopping the Nokia N95 8GB from taking advantage of RW’s high-speed HSDPA network, though. And that also means that the Canadians will now be able to see just how magnificent the photos from a 5 megapixel Carl Zeiss optics equipped camera look like for themselves.

So it seems, now is the right time to hold your breath, dear Canadians. Let us know how you love/hate the thing when you finally get your hands on it, OK?

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