Samsung L310 review

The L310 is a fashion phone from Samsung’s new LaFleur series for women. Apparently the company strives to create something along the lines of Nokia’s L’Amour Collection. Let’s take a closer look!

Design and materials

Naturally, the phone is first and foremost interesting because of its design. The L310 doesn’t have an external display; it has a sort of an indicator on the front panel instead in form of an abstract flower that flashes when there’s an incoming call. Obviously, it can’t show who the caller is, but at least you will know that someone’s calling when the sound is turned off.

Flower icon that lights up when someone is calling:

Samsung L310

Another form of indication is a small red icon just below that “flower”, which lights up when there’s an unread text message. The phone has a USB port on one side of the phone, and a memory card slot on the other; both are covered by small plugs.

Open USB port on the side:

L310 USB

The phone’s case is made from glossy plastic that picks up finger marks very fast. The L310 might look great, but it gets greasy in an unprecedented amount of time – I had to wear gloves when filming the review for this phone, and even that didn’t prevent it from getting smudges all over. I’m not sure if the package will include some sort of wipe for cleaning the phone, but the future owner will need one for sure. This problem extends to the inside of the clamshell as well (the material around the screen and keyboard). This is a problem of many modern handsets, yet the producers don’t seem to mind much since the consumers buy their phones anyway.

The back of the phone already has some visible smudges:

L310 back

The clamshell has a shiny, metallic stripe along the edges that sort of reminds of a purse or a handbag. Opening the phone is no easier because of it, however, and you will need both hands for that. There’s a flowery ornament on the back lid as well as on the inside of the phone, above and around the screen. Another interesting element of design is the decorative stripe around the lens of the built-in camera that’s positioned at the top of the front panel of the phone. The design is overall refined and complete, and would be close to perfect, if it weren’t for that finger mark problem. What’s more, the phone is assembled reliably, the materials are of high quality and there are no squeaks of any kind; the phone feels solid an pleasant to hold.

Functions and software

The functionality of the phone is average in all areas; it’s obviously not one of the leader models of Samsung. The camera is nothing much; 2 MPx one, only suitable for making photos to be used in your MMS messages. The music capabilities aren’t anything worth noting, either.

The phone looks just as stylish when open, but the software functions aren’t much:

L310 open

The phone has some special applications designed for women and grouped in a menu section called “Lifestyle”. These include apps like Fragrance types, Biorhythms, Height/Weight ratio, Calorie calculator, Pink calendar and Shopping list. According to many surveys, very little women actually use applications like these, yet the producers insist on putting them into their feminine phones; it’s unclear if this is done merely to be able to market the phone as a model “for women”, or if they simply don’t care whether someone will be using those or not.


There’s not much else to be said about the phone, so let’s wrap up our review now. It’s surprising that despite the average functionality of the L310, it will cost quite a lot – more than 200 Euros, in fact. Whether such a price is adequate for a phone with nice design, yet poor features and lack of an external display is a question yet to be answered. Time will show, but as an expert, I believe the sales of this phone won’t be high.

Author: Andrius

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