3G iPhone already developed, says iPhone chip-maker Infineon

German chip manufacturer Infineon, who supplies the chips inside the Apple iPhone, has made a bold statement to a magazine called Wirtschaftswoche regarding the existence of a 3G/UMTS iPhone. According to the article, Apple’s 3G iPhone is already developed, and although at first glance it looks much like the original version, it will indeed be different and will have additional features, one of which will be the 3G/UMTS network support.

If this is true, then Apple will be on track for a June 3G iPhone release date, just in time for the forthcoming WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) 2008.


If I remember correctly, the reason why the iPhone is only capable of running on an EDGE network is because the Infineon chips were not ready for 3G yet. Well, it seems, now they are.

But again, you know how ugly rumors can get sometimes. I say the best option would be to wait for either company to drop a press release or watch out for the keynote of Steve Jobs at WWDC.

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Author: David Gonzales

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