Motorola ZN5 Press shots leaked!

If we are to trust the faceless source of these official-looking photos, we might as well expect Motorola to hold an official announcement soon, launching the much-talked about and highly anticipated Motorola ZN5 Kodak-camera phone.

As you can see, it actually has a slimmer profile than it first appeared when we first spotted it nearly three months ago. More details and another photo after the jump.

Motorola ZN 5 Press shots

Apparently, the MotoZINE ZN5 will have a smooth and shiny exterior, with rounded edges and that funky looking morph keypad. Judging from these photos, it looks quite desirable.

Motorola ZN 5 Press shots

And then of course, we can’t forget about the camera. This is Motorola’s first ever 5 megapixel camera phone, and it proudly carries the Kodak name over its camera lens. The camera mechanism itself looks very plain, although it does deserve props for touting a built-in Xenon flash instead of an LED one.

Can you feel the tingling warmth of an impending announcement from Motorola soon? Us neither. But if it really does happen (as it will, we just don’t know when) rest assured we’ll have you updated as soon as possible.

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    Kodak camera which comes with the phone is of good quality.