Sony Ericsson BeiBei spotted in the wild wearing white

Sony Ericsson has been very tight-lipped so far about their new device, which is codenamed BeiBei, but fortunately we are lucky enough to keep finding interesting bits of information as the days pass by towards its still unknown launch and release date.

Here we see the Symbian UIQ powered little number, sporting a different color from that which it had when it first appeared two weeks ago. The multitude of buttons are seen in full now and up close, and I have to say it’s quite well arranged for something that’s nearly cluttered.

Sony Ericsson BeiBei

The Sony Ericsson BeiBei will be a touchscreen Walkman phone touting Symbian 9.3 OS with support for demand paging. I highly suspect if the white version pictured here, if it ever does go into production like the black one, will have different/ modified specs. Now can Sony Ericsson please just release this smart phone now?


Author: David Gonzales

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