EGG mobile phone concept fit for a high-tech breakfast

We’ve seen a slew of funky handset concepts here at UV, ranging from transforming impossibilities to basic, doable forms that would just be too far ahead of its time. This time around, though, we’re taken back from the future to the kitchen table, with designer Roman Tubl’s Egg mobile phone concept.

The Egg mobile phone will be targeted for stylish handset users who prefer to eat breakfast in bed, and don’t need the latest and greatest in gadgetry – just the basics, if you will. However, that’s not to say that the Egg will not have high-end features, like an advanced input system and support for heavy multimedia.

EGG mobile phone concept

Other than its eye-catching slim design, the Egg will have a flexi true color display for tactile touchscreen feedback (yes it has a touchscreen). Bluetooth and WiFi will be built-in alongside USB connectivity for easy file transfers and Web surfing, while a 3.2 megapixel camera and up to 4GB of memory takes care of your music, videos, and photos.

The rounded body will be soft, and surrounded by an illuminated red strip that just vies for your attention. Given the popularity of touchscreen handsets nowadays, the Egg mobile phone will surely have its place in the future if it ever gets constructed in real life.

Via Yanko Design

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