Nokia E71 coming on May 8?

Nokia’s lips have been sewn shut so far about its forthcoming Nokia E71, a high-end business phone for the E-Series which will supposedly carry the original NokiaBerry‘s square and flat form factor, with added multimedia and navigational functionality. It’s literally been months since the first Nokia E71 spy shots were leaked on the Internet, and it looks like Nokia is really taking its time with this new device.

However it looks like things are about to change, and Nokia might be making an official announcement (or maybe even an official release) some time this week. On May 8, 2008 specifically.

Nokia E71

The latest reports about the Nokia E71 have us looking at May 8 as the possible launch date from Nokia, partly due to it making appearances in various Dutch online web stores recently.

Apparently, the Nokia E71 is even listed with official specs, which says it will have the following dimensions: 112 x 57 x 10 mm. If this is true, Nokia has outdone itself this time, ably cramming a lot of high-end features in a body that’s only 10mm thin.

If you recall, we confirmed that the Nokia E71 will have a 3.2 megapixel auto-focus camera, GPS navigation, built-in WiFi and HSDPA network support. Knowing that it’s only 10mm thin is truly mind-boggling, and if May 8 is really the official launch date, we expect more minds to be boggled by this upcoming number in Nokia’s business handset lineup.

We’ll keep an eye out on this news story for you and will make sure to give the latest updates pronto.

Author: David Gonzales

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  • Steve Rowlands

    It certainly has been a long time in the making.

    Lets hope we finally get to see it for real on Thursday!

  • Brandon

    If its near the size of my blackberry curve, I might have to switch back to s60. I loved my E61i, but it was just too large of a phone. Hopefully they have trimmed it down enough.

    The E61i was 117 x 70 x 13.9
    The E71 is 112 x 57 x 10

    We’ll see..

  • Aadi Awan

    Its similiar to black berry curve…..well see wts new in E71

  • Demirel

    This is not E71.

  • Sufyaan

    Hi all.. Any1 knowz wen ths fone comin out and hw much ? Plz mail…, tnx…

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  • j hola

    what the Fcuk is this? Not a E71. Stop giving us stupid reviews and false info

  • Staska

    And have you looked at the date of the article?

  • j hola

    what the Fcuk is this? Not a E71. Stop giving us stupid reviews and false info

  • Staska

    And have you looked at the date of the article?