Breaking: Nokia E71 and E66 live pics

While we’re quite sure that you had an eye-full with all the recent Nokia E66 and Nokia E71 spy shots, nothing beats photos that are classified as “in the wild” or in other words, live. Tonight we give you the first official live photos of the aforesaid two devices, plus a little more info about specs and availability.

Surprisingly, the Nokia E66 will be a wide-bodied slider phone, while the QWERTY keyboard-equipped Nokia E71 looks pretty slim, as expected. Both phones will have 3.2 megapixel cameras, large screens, and a new UI that doesn’t look like it has Feature Pack 2. We’re not sure if this makes them better than the original, but then again, Nokia won’t do this for a reason.

Nokia E66

The specs? 128MB of internal memory is alloted for the Nokia E66, while the Nokia E71 seems to have only 120MB. But that shouldn’t make much difference anyway once you equip both with their own microSD HC cards, right?

Nokia E71

The Nokia E71 will be the slimmest QWERTY Nokia to date, and yet it features dual cameras, inbuilt GPS navigation and according to some sources, a “rugged and solid” feel. As phone owners, we sure don’t mind some extra toughness in our phones, especially the ones that cost an arm and leg. So good work, Nokia! Now when are these things coming out?

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  • Aadi Awan

    E66 is better than E71…………coz E71 looks like black Berry and i dont like it ……….