BT Launches Mobile Device Offering

British Telecom has decided to sort of return to mobile business today, with their new BT Total Broadband Anywhere initiative.

This is an all-inclusive package that offers Internet-capable smartphone with prepaid data and call minutes, and BT’s Total Broadband service for the home in a single bundle.

Broadband anywhere offering will be provided via two HTC smartphones – HTC S620 and HTC S710, that will use available BT FON Community and other BT owned hotspots to connect to the internet, for high speed data and BT VoIP services.

HTC S620HTC S710

For GSM calls and data services where Wi-Fi network is not available, there will be a bundled plans for fixed minutes on “any operator network anytime”.

Unfortunately, there will be no broadband outside of Wi-Fi coverage zone, since only GPRS service is offered in all of the bundled plans, which include:

Broadband Anywhere 50 Broadband Anywhere 150 Broadband Anywhere 250 Broadband Anywhere 600
Minutes 50 150 250 600
Texts 50 100 150 700
WiFi downloads Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
GPRS data downloads 10MB 10MB 10MB 10MB
TOTAL PRICE 1 From £23.99 pm From £33.99pm From £38.99 pm From £53.99 pm
Price on top of Option 3 £5.00 extra £15.00 extra £20.00 extra £35.00 extra

Via: BT

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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