Mobiado intros new luxury phone, Professional CAMO

Sure, you’re handset might be one that does it all, but does it have the looks? This seems to be the question that drives Mobiado to roll out the newest addition to their Extreme Mobility series of phones, called the Professional CAMO.

The Mobiado Professional CAMO is a compact and stylish candy bar phone that, other than packing some great tech inside its body, gives out an air of strength and luxuriousness. Only 200 units will be produced globally, making this handset a true collector’s item.

Mobiado Professional Camo

The Mobiado Professional CAMO may not be the best handset when it comes to high-tech features, but it certainly puts up a fight. First, it’s a Triband GSM phone that can connect to the Web via GPRS/EDGE. It also supports Push-to-talk over cellular, Bluetooth, USB, and Infrared connectivity, to make simple communication and file transfers a breeze. It’s got a pretty thick body (105 mm x 46 mm x 20 mm), but rest assured that it’s well worth it’s weight (142 g, including BL-5C battery).

It doesn’t let down on multimedia either, because it has a 1.3 megapixel camera, inbuilt FM radio, and a music player that supports AAC/MP3/M4A file formats. Internal memory is limited to only 32 MB but this can be further expanded via MMC cards up to 512 MB.

The best part about this phone, as mentioned earlier, is that only 200 units will be produced globally. And no two handsets are alike, because the military-style camouflage highlights you see are all individually hand-painted on the outer casings. I don’t even need to mention the stainless steel buttons, DiamondShield coating, and anodized aircraft aluminum casing for you to know that this is item is as rare as it gets.

The sad part is, no details about pricing and availability have been announced just yet. But you should be able to see this pop up in various destinations very soon.

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