Philips Xenium X800 e2e touchscreen phone in the works

Well, well, well… Look who’s getting into a full touchscreen mobile phone game. It’s Philips, with a new Philips Xenium X800 e2e handset.

Actually, it’s not THAT Philips, but a former cellphone subsidiary of the Dutch CE giant, which is now fully owned by Chinese investors and has the right to use Philips name for a while still.

Apart from the news that it will be a full touchscreen phone , with the abbreviation of “e2e”, which means a touchscreen that stretches from “edge to edge”, not much is known about the new Philips Xenium e2e phone. Except for the pics (if they are the real deal):

The handsets under Philips Xenium brand are best known for some extraordinary battery time, so I guess that should also be a distinguishing feature of Xenium e2e. The pics indicate that this phone will come with Wi-Fi connectivity, which implies other high end features as well.

If this phone is real, much will depend on how well the touchscreen works and how well the touch UI is implemented. Which is no easy feat, as many iPhone wannabe’s can attest.

Still, it would be interesting to see what new can Philips bring to the full touch screen phone marketplace, which is getting crowded pretty quick this year.

Via Justamp

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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