Sprint’s BlackBerry 8330 ships tomorrow, May 9th

According to a promotional flyer, the Track Ball Navigation toting, QWERTY keyboard-equipped, and GPS enabled BlackBerry Curve 8330 is scheduled to start shipping tomorrow, May 9th 2008. The flyer itself looks very official to say the least, and lists complete specs, pricing and contract details of the said handset.

The price of this new BlackBerry Curve is listed as $599.99 – without a contract. However if two years of being chained to Sprint sounds like a good deal to you, you’d be glad to hear that it’s also available with a 2-year agreement for only $179.99 after instant and mail-in rebates. Affordable, much?

BlackBerry 8330

What you’ll get for $179.99. with a 2-year contract or $599.99 with none is this:

  • QWERTY keypad on a slim (for a BlackBerry) handset
  • 2 megapixel camera with 5x zoom and built-in flash
  • Mobile broadband (EVDO)
  • Media player with Bluetooth stereo
  • GPS navigation

And those are just the highlights. This Curve also comes with Sprint’s Software Store service, OnDemand service, Music Store service, and Sprint TV. We reckon that’s just about enough to let you have a good night’s sleep tonight, isn’t it?

Via Boy Genius Report

Author: David Gonzales

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