European telecom operators to sell HTC-branded handsets for a change

You know how telecom operators sell mobile phones with their own branding on it? It’s a customary procedure, and happens when operators purchase handsets directly from the makers and resell them through their own channels to customers.

However, this is about to change in Europe, as a report says that more telecom operators are planning to purchase HTC-branded mobile phones from HTC without rebranding the units for themselves.

HTC Touch Diamond For Europe

Florian Seiche, Vice President of HTC Europe was quoted as saying:

Vodafone, for example, will purchase the Touch Diamond from HTC bearing, for the first time, only the HTC brand name without the Vodafone brand name.

Seiche also mentioned that Hutchison Telecom (Australia) will aid the company in promoting their latest release, the HTC Touch Diamond.

Well, if that doesn’t help in making HTC a world-renowned brand, we’re not sure what will. So if you’re in Europe, watch out for purely HTC-branded handsets from your local telecom operators soon. At least it keeps the Touch Diamond unadorned and beautifully minimalistic as it’s intended to be.

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