Motorola Pulls All iDEN Firmware Updates, Reasons Unknown

Last month we spoke of Motorola’s restructuring move, how they were reorganizing their mobile phone business, and we now have more information on a separate change Motorola has made within their corporation.

Motorola has made quite a rare move, by removing all firmware updates for their iDEN phones. As is stated on their iDEN Update page, the Motorola Upgrade Utilities are currently unavailable.

Motorola iDEN

The launch of Motorola’s iDEN Update service was one that was really all its own, especially at the start. The service offered the first consumer downloadable firmware updates in the industry. This meant that customers – for the first time ever mind you – were able to download software updates to their phones rather than having to take the phone to a service center.

The purpose of the iDEN updates service was to allow users to get the most out of their iDEN phone, as updates for the operating systems of the phone was offered, ensuring users were able to keep their mobile OS updated to the latest version and receiving maximum benefits.

A possible explanation for this removal is that Motorola is planning to integrate these updates into their Motorola Software Update application, but nothing concrete has been offered on this yet.

Although the actual reasons behind this move are still unknown, we at UV will be sure to keep you updated on this matter, offering you information on this story as it is released to us.

Via: PhoneNews

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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