Samsung Guru200 launched in India

It seems none of the current mobile phone makers in the world are ever too big to produce another lightweight handset. And I’m not talking lightweight in terms of grams or whatever. I referring to low-end and less feature-packed mobile phones that do users no good other than the basics.

Samsung, as always, is keeping consumers in mind, and this time churns out an affordable handset targeted towards Indian users. It’s called the Samsung Guru200, which at first glance looks like it’s very basic phone for a simple reason – because it is.

Samsung Guru200

The Samsung Guru200 is an entry-level handset that features a built-in FM radio tuner and recording feature that lets users record live radio shows and use them later as alarms or custom ringtones. Cricket and Sudoku are a couple of pre-installed Java games and there is also a Mobile tracker and Emergency SMS feature.

According to Samsung, this dual-band mobile phone also offers up to 9 hours of talk time and a Call Time Limit feature that allows users to create a monthly limit for hours during calls. An Indian calendar will also be built-in, featuring local holidays and the Hinglish database.

The Samsung Guru200 will be available in India for Rs. 2,999 or about $72 USD.

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