AM Radio-equipped Sony Ericsson R300 approved by FCC

Although most of us are still waiting for Sony Ericsson to roll out the highest of their high-end phones, such as the Xperia X1 and P5i Paris slider, it seems that the closest we’ll ever come to seeing new SE phones for now are with low-end handsets like the Sony Ericsson R300.

The Sony Ericsson R300 was first announced a few months ago with a similar handset, featuring a built-in AM radio along with the FM radio. That makes this a great tool for news bloggers because it would let them tune in to traditional AM news outlets which usually break the news faster than mainstream sources.

Sony Ericsson R300

Other than its radio, the Sony Ericsson R300 will also serve up MP3s and comes with the TrackID software, allowing it to get more info about songs through the Internet. It can also record the AM/FM programs being tuned into for use afterwards.

No info about pricing and availability has been made available, although with a VGA camera and a 1.8-inch screen (basic features) you can expect this to be on the affordable side.


Author: David Gonzales

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