HTC Touch Diamond passes through FCC

Oh, yes. Only days after it first appeared, the HTC Touch Diamond has already been put through its paces by the FCC and now is given an OK signal to rule the world. Well, not really, but still, this means that it’s getting really close to finally getting out to the world.

Ever since the first time we wrote about the HTC Touch Diamond, it has appeared to be one slick handset. And it is, with a custom OS and iPhone-like charm, it will be one handset a lot of people will find hard to resist.

HTC Touch Diamond with FCC sticker

And by passing through the FCC, HTC can now move on to the next stage: preparing for its grand launch. Or at least it better be grand, lest they want the many customers already waiting in line to get a hold of this handset to overlook its features.

For now, we’ll wait until the official release. But we’ll make sure to keep an eye out for this news when it hits.


Author: David Gonzales

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